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3 Tips To Share Customer Reviews on Instagram Stories

Share Customer Reviews on Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, users can post images that disappear from the social media site after 24 hours. At first, many social media marketers ignored Instagram Stories because the posts had such limited lifespans. That changed in June 2018 when Instagram announced that it would let people connect their posts to online stores.

Suddenly, marketers had a fresh, fun way to drive fans to their online stores and boost sales.

Sharing customer reviews on Instagram Stories creates an even more effective way to invigorate potential buyers. In addition to posting your original content, you should start adding your reviews.


Customers Trust Real People More Than Marketing

The average consumer doesn’t trust marketing and advertising. After years of manipulation, they have learned to spot misleading information that tempts them to buy things they don’t really want. Smart consumers also know that companies have high incentives to lie about their products. A lot of people think that companies will do just about anything to increase their sales.

Shoppers do, however, believe each other. Numerous surveys show that consumers trust online reviews about as much as they trust their friends.

When you post customer reviews to Instagram Stories, you give potential buyers information that they believe can help them make better purchasing decisions. Why not take advantage of that trend by sharing your customer reviews with the world?


Buyers Love to See What Other People Are Purchasing

In addition to boosting confidence in buyers, posting customer reviews to Instagram Stories can get people more involved in your brand. Buyers love to see what other people are purchasing. It helps them understand emerging consumer trends and lets them know what other people find interesting.

People are social creatures, after all. They can’t help feeling curious about what their peers enjoy.


Connecting Instagram Stories to an Online Store Is Easy

Instagram Stories makes it easy for you to connect your business’s account to your online store. Once you get your account approved for shopping on Instagram, you just follow these directions to link customer reviews to products in your store.

It only takes a few minutes to improve your Instagram account’s ability to drive online sales, strengthen your brand’s visibility, and attract new customers to your business.

You can make Instagram Stories even more effective by using iSnap’s visual marketing features. With our Instagram Curation, Story Creation, and Review Curation Widget, you’ll turn your account into an engine that helps your business grow faster than ever.


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