AR Marketing

Create Snapchat-like experiences to collect customer content and data for your brand.

QR Codes

Scan to unlock branded lens


Include a link to a branded lens in email campaigns.

Try it for yourself:

Scan the Code with your Camera


SDK For Your Brand's App

Integrate the iSnap camera functionality into your brand's app.

Facial Lens, Filters, Stickers
Story Creation


Give your customers the power of video and photo creation using facial lenses, filters, and stickers to capture moments during their experience your brand. 


Integrate photographers capturing photos and videos of your customers throughout their experience with your products and services.


Showcase your customer videos and photos in gallery widgets across your site to increase product discovery, increase conversion rates, and increase basket size. 



Create, Curate, and Showcase Your Customer Photos & Videos

Customer Data

Build robust profiles by collecting declared data about interests and preferences.

Camera Management

IoT connecting and cloud management of various camera sources from social lens, kiosks, to photographers.


Design custom experiences for customer create rich videos and photos from their interactions with your brand.

Rights Management

Gain the rights from customers to use their Instagram photos, and display on site using our automatic rights management tool.


Understand where your best-performing locations on your property and how they effect your customer experience, satisfaction, and your bottom line

Share Stories

Analyze the organic distribution of content across messaging apps, social channels, and email.

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